ABCO Operators

ABCO is staffed with the best operators in the field.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our equipment and our customers. You won’t find that winning combination just anywhere!

“At ABCO, our professional operators are our greatest asset!”

– Aaron McCreary, Founder and CEO


Our ABCO Family

CJ is our primary 46 meter boom pump operator, wielding a 2021 Schwing 4 stage roll n' fold. Though that is his main machine, he has extensive experience and the ability to operate any of the equipment we offer to our customers.

Ricky (1)
Rick A.K.A."Ricky Bobby"

Rick is one of our fantastic line pump operators. His primary truck is our Dodge Ram 5500 mounted VSP 70.


Jay is one of our top notch 40 meter boom pump operators. He's also trained on our conveyor and Line Dragons. As well as being a smooth operator he's also our shop mechanic, keeping our equipment in tip-top shape.

32Z - Thomas
Thomas A.K.A. "mr. t"

Thomas takes care of our customers with his 28 meter 5 stage boom pump.

32 Select Sires - Dennis
Dennis - A.K.A. "Grandpa"

Dennis is currently assigned to our Schwing S32X, but has over 25 years of experience with every kind of pump and conveyor.

Telebelt Coshocton - Chris

Chris runs our main man running our Telebelt but is also equipped to run our 40M Putzmeister.

40 Newark Courthouse - Jonny

John is one of our stellar operators who run our 40M Putzmeister.


Guillermo is our guy who runs the line pump.

38 Gioia Inside Fida1

Rylynd is a jack of all trades and can run everything except our Telebelt.